Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wallowaters Successfully Makes Annuals into Perennials

When we first started using Wallowaters in 2001, it was to help us plant tomatoes earlier because Colorado has such a late last frost date (May 15 in our area).  However, we found that they had another use that was pretty amazing - they allowed us to make annual herbs like Thyme, Rosemary, and Tarragon into perennials.  Yes, the plants themselves are technically perennials, but when they are planted in climates that don't support them coming back, they are in practice, annuals.

But, not any more!

Over the years, we've expanded this to include anything in the garden that we hope will come back the following year, having success with Oregano, Parsley, Cumin, and just about any other plant that will fit underneath.  Subsequently, our early and late-season photos of our garden always include Wallowaters.

Wallowaters in the OctoGarden Spring 2012

Besides having your plants come back in the spring, there are other benefits too.  In years like 2012, where we had Spring weather in January, and Summer weather in March, we actually have had useable fresh herbs for months before most in our area even consider planting their annual herbs.  This translates into larger and more productive plants for the rest of the season as well.  After doing this a few years, I'd never consider going back to buying new herbs every year, and if one doesn't survive, it's quite disappointing.  Wallowaters are that good.
So, how good do these work?

Well, we had a relatively mild winter overall, but we did have some particularly cold spells in November, December, and February.  Yet, across the board, all of our Wallowaters kept our plants alive and well.  And, now that it's March, you can see for yourself what is thriving.

Thyme is thriving, and looks better than some mid-season!

Tarragon is very sensitive to cold, yet look at this beauty!

Oregano is big, mature, and ready to bush out!
So, for those of you reading this, you might be asking whether this informations comes a bit late, as you didn't put these on your herbs last fall.  Well, there is always next year.  But, you should also be considering purchasing Wallowaters now for your Spring planting.

They will allow you to plant your tomatoes and peppers up to 2 months before your last frost. You can use them for a wide variety of other plants, including your spring greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale.

And, you can also use them to get a head start on things like Zucchini that are harder to germinate due to a need for higher soil temperatures.  You can put the Wallowater out on the prepared soil, and raise the temperature for germination.  This works for row-planting, as well as single plants.

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