Thursday, May 20, 2010

Farmer's Market on Harmony 5/16/10: A Jammin' Good Time

After finding out that our friend Sue was no longer doing the Farmer's Market, and that she wasn't growing seedlings this year, we headed there without expectations.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning so far with temperatures in the 60s, and we got there just after noon.  If we found something good, great.  If not, we were heading to Harmony Gardens and Ft. Collins Nursery anyways.  We weren't going home empty handed that day.

It had a different feel than the one on Drake did the week before because the vendors were arranged in a circle vs. a long row over on Drake.  In the center there were two booths that were intriguing - one had two guys jamming on guitar, and the other had baby goats, with the requisite little girls oohing and ahhing over them.

As we entered the arena, the guys were playing "Trouble", which is one of our favorite songs played by Widespread Panic.   But, as we moved along, a few songs later they broke into "Cortez the Killer" by Neil Young (also covered by Panic).  These guys sure knew how to make going to the Farmer's Market feel like it was the coolest spot in town.

We picked up tomatoes and peppers from 3 different vendors, and then we found a Pineapple Sage that Deb has been trying to find for several years.  We had one back in our old garden on Doubletree, and she has this recipe she has been wanting to make for a while now.

We made a short video of our adventure - this isn't exactly something we do often.  OK, ever.  But, it was fun to have a video camera to capture the moment of finding our plant's for this year's garden.

Overall, we thought it was a good farmer's market.  Lots of vendors who had food, and many of the farmer's who were selling seedlings were saying they planned to be back with veggies once they come in.  I am sure we will be back a few times this year.

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