Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fixing Leaks in Older Wall O' Waters

Wall O' Waters can last 7-10 seasons when they are used and stored properly. But, over time, as they spend more time in the sun they become brittle, and sometimes one or more of the tubes in the Wallwater can spring a leak.

Fortunately, there is a Repair Kits for the Wallowater. They come in 6-packs (trust me, when you are digging up your old wallowaters, 6 isn't necessarily going to be enough. We currently have 36 wallowaters standing in our garden, and about half are older. Of those, at least 10 needed Repair Kits in order to remain standing - and I think I just went through like 24 individual Repair Kits to get this year's garden going.

We haven't been doing this long enough if we can outlast the 7-10 year timeframe, but I can tell you that it was no problem to revive even our oldest wallowater that needed 4 Repair Kits.

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